The approachable workshop for non-technical decision-makers to harness the potential of data science

The ExecAI Workshop
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Todoku in Japanese means to reach, to deliver

AI is Everywhere

It can seem overwhelming.
Fear of the unknown and lack of understanding about AI holds teams and companies back.

Get Real

Executives, managers and founders need a practical understanding of what it can do for their company right now.

Cut Through the Hype

As a decision-maker, you need to be data literate. The better you understand AI, the better you can lead your team.

The ExecAI Workshop

Understand the capabilities of data science and machine learning

We first walk you through the basics and break down the most important terms. Next, we teach through practice: you learn about machine learning by using it on a real-world business problem (with real code).

Our accessible and practical format is designed to guide non-technical executives and decision-makers when planning and delivering the desired results for their organization.

August 2019

Next session in Berlin

What to Expect

Ready to act

Our participants are bold executives and product managers, quick learners and eager innovators who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.
They are humble, willing to learn, and not afraid to ask questions.

Learn about Machine Learning

Leave the training knowing exactly what ML can do, and what it can’t.
You’ll know what terms like “feature selection” and “model training” mean, because you’ll have done them, in a practical exercise, with code.

Build your Game Plan

Now you have crystal clarity on where to go next: what team members you need to hire, which use case to focus on, and what a practical timeline to implementation looks like.

How it works

Topics Covered:

Enough Buzzwords: Spelling Out the Key Terminology

Why Data Science Projects Fail?

What a Successful Data Science Workflow Looks Like

Experience It:

Case Study Setup and Initial Data Exploration

Model Training and Selection

Visualizing and Communicating Results

Bring Your Questions for Discussion

Continue on the Journey

With access to the AI Guild community ( we can help you find local experts to get your ML project off the ground, start building your team, and bring in value.

Join the monthly Meetup exclusive for past workshop participants. This will be the opportunity to follow up on your projects and keep up with current trends.

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Who we are

Rachel Berryman


Rachel is fascinated by the edge of data- exploring the limits of what’s possible and toeing the line between what data can do and where it’s best for humans to step in. After a quantitative Economics bachelors in the US, she studied Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews in the UK, using quantitative methods to solve “wicked problems” in topics like responsible investment and environmental economics.
Her work now revolves around bridging the gap between code and customers: explaining algorithms, using code to get customers the answers they need to questions they have, and building solutions. She teaches at a Data Science Bootcamp in Berlin.

Dânia Meira


Dânia has been doing Data Science since before the term existed. Her journey started in Brazil, her home country, where she pursued a Masters in Computer Science right after concluding her bachelors in Applied Mathematics. By applying lessons learned from working in the field since 2012, she understands well how the most accurate statistical models alone are not enough to make a real contribution. It requires combining her strong theoretical knowledge of machine learning with the understanding of how a prediction can move KPIs to bridge the gap and act strategically.
At her current role as a data scientist, her focus is on predictive analytics: developing accurate models as well as deploying them to production. She is an active volunteer at DSSG Berlin and also a teacher at a Data Science Bootcamp in Berlin.


Do I need to know how to code to apply?

No. In fact, we expect that you don’t have any coding knowledge. We’ll help get you set up and walk you through what you need to know for the exercises.

My company isn’t an AI company. What can I get out of this?

Your company does not need to be AI-focused to realise huge value from using machine learning. Using ML internally can bring value to companies in every sector.

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This is the opportunity to get to your best AI strategy